Elements of a Successful Sale with the Snyder Bradshaw Group

Selling a home, likely one of your largest assets, should truly be a business decision. The Snyder Bradshaw Group has local expertise, market-area knowledge, knowledge of buyer behavior, an understanding of local contracts, effective marketing skills and strong negotiation skills.  These along with our custom staging, high end photography, professional marketing materials and strategic marketing program will assure the successful sale of your home. 

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Our Brand

The Sotheby’s International Realty® brand harnesses the worldwide recognition of the storied Sotheby’s name. A brand conveys a perception and emotional appeal to consumers and tells them what they can expect. Every listing, regardless of price point, is distributed to the Sotheby’s International Realty brand global marketing partners, and all listings appear on sothebysrealty.com. The brand’s marketing strategy is to develop and curate quality content, delivered across multiple platforms,...



Buyers expect the property condition to be reflective of the price/value of the home. Staging a home to create an emotional connection is often the key to inspiring strong buyer interest. Our team works directly with sellers to implement a staging and/or renovations strategy, tailored to each property whether it is minor touch ups or major renovations. 

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List Price

The upward limit to value for any property is set by what’s selling around it. Today’s buyers have access to extensive information on the market. Therefore, overpricing a property will limit the number of interested buyers and will result in a lower sale price.


Exposure of a property encompasses not only the locations where the property can be found, but also how the property is featured on those mediums.

Targeted exposure of the property will increase the likelihood of a greater number of potential buyers and a higher sale price. According to the National Association of Realtors, over 94% of home buyers begin their search online. To reach these buyers, you must give your property the exposure it deserves.

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Negotiation Tactics

Negotiation strategies can affect all stages of a contract of sale. The impact of different strategies can not only result in more favorable terms for the seller, but can often be the key in keeping challenging deals together. The lead agents on our team have been trained in negotiations and have received their certificates as Certified Negotiation Experts.

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